Compliance made simple.

Our end-to-end solution provides easy client and business identification and verification checks, AI and rules based transaction monitoring, and with our concierge service, we'll file all your reports to FINTRAC on your behalf.

Kick contracts to the curb with our pay-as-you-go tool.

Instant ID Verification, Crypto Checks, and Compliance Services – No Contracts, No Setup Fees!

How Fintracking simplifies compliance reporting for regulated firms in Canada

Safeguard your business through our comprehensive client verification, robust AML protection, real-time activity monitoring, and streamlined compliance reporting.

Client Verification

Verify 14,000+ global documents through multi-layered checks.

AML Protection

Access 400 million+ company profiles for in-depth screenings.

Activity Monitoring

AI-driven real-time detection of suspicious transactions.

Compliance Reporting

Automated alerts and effortless generation of regulatory and management reporting.

Your life today

Spending hours building compliance reports with fragmented data 

Manual ID and address verification

Discovering suspicious activity too late and manually creating suspicious activity reports

Your life with Fintracking

Your data is fully integrated so pulling reporting takes only a few clicks

Match ID photo to a live snapshot instantly and complete proof of address checks in under a minute

Rest easy knowing that fintracking will instantly detect suspicious activity. Easily download suspicious activity reports to submit to your regulator.

Fully integrate your KYC, KYB, KYT and reporting to FINTRAC in one easy platform.

Fintracking will be a fit for you if:

Limited time offer 

Imagine having all your transaction monitoring in one platform that secures the whole user journey. Give it a try now with a limited time offer.

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